Sprouts and assorted vegetables…

I’m seeing a lot of ‘have I done/done enough’ type posts, so I thought I’d tell you a Christmas story. It’s deeply personal and 100% true. As parents we put a lot on ourselves to make Christmas perfect for our children, but we overlook the bits that as children we would have remembered. So here goes…

It had been a rough year for us all. My parents had separated and we’d moved from a very comfortable situation to one that was distinctly less well off. When we’d moved in, we had sat on deckchairs and birdwatched because we had no sofa and no telly. So we had little money spare for Christmas decorations.

But Mam was resourceful, if nothing else.

She bought strips of gummed paper, and glue sticks. We made paper chains that we draped over every possible surface. We cut up cereal boxes and stuck cotton wool to them to make snowman ornaments for the tree. We baked and crafted our hearts out.

I don’t remember what I got that year. Or many years from my childhood.

But I DO remember sitting cutting up cereal boxes and covering them in glue and cotton wool with my Mam and my siblings. We had so much fun that year.

We didn’t know how skint we were, we only knew how much fun we were having and how much love there was in that house.

Of course we want to do what’s best for our kids, but they won’t remember the money you spend on the latest game console or LOL doll, or whatever. Trust me, they’ll remember the time they spent with you, so make it count.

Merry Christmas everyone, now go enjoy your family 😘

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I’m not a saint, I’m more of a sinner. I’m just doing my best like everyone else. I don’t believe that massive changes can be made overnight, but baby steps... they can make a HUGE difference, to everyone. Home of #sharkweek by #nanasue and lover of #cats Don’t forget to check out my Etsy store! https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/NanaSuesCreations

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  1. Aww my gorgeous children it was a very hard year that year but we made the most of having each other and help from my parents and sisters and had the most amazing adventure in our house but I didn’t worry about how had been spent or how much was left we were happy with big smiles on little faces . That was 30 yr ago and the family still enjoy hearing and talking about Christmas 😃 happy no regrets life . Thank you xxxx

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