I’m leading the heathen uprising – Jessica Eaton 

Originally posted on VictimFocus Blog:
Written by Jessica Eaton  21 June 2018  ? I’m leading the heathen uprising We’re the kids with a solution Our experiences are synchronising Come join my revolution ? The underclass can be the thunderclass Come make a noise with me ? I’m influencing our women and girls We’re the females…

What is ‘environmentally friendly’?

Ok, I’m on a roll, so bare with me. I’m not picking specifically on this range, it’s simply the first advert that’s piqued my concern. The discussion I’ve had on Facebook has further helped form my opinion, and I’m sharing it with you because I think it’s important to understand how to look at these […]

The less stitches, the more riches

Or part 2 of Ending is better than mending. This is another hypnopeadic phrase from Brave New World, and one quite fitting to today’s society too. The question is riches for who? But I think we know the answer to that 😉 So, what? What can WE do? Well, as I mentioned in The Mustard […]