View from the NE on Brexit.

This post was inspired by a friends Facebook post where she expressed a fear of the rising Far Right, in light of the extremely complex political chaos.

Obviously this is a difficult subject, fraught with problems when it’s being discussed.

In order to look properly at what’s happening, we need to disengage and look at bigger pictures.

Austerity was an EU policy. Whether the UK Parliament chose austerity or was pushed is a matter for debate, but the fact is that EU policy was to impose austerity on member states that needed help from the EU.

Speaking from a NE England perspective, austerity has been deadly, it’s decimated our society and the poverty here, comparatively, is at levels that haven’t been seen in living memory, and it’s only getting worse.

The NE has seen its own MPs vote with the government to impose measures, and despite two general elections we still had a conservative government that favoured austerity.

Then Cameron comes along and promises a vote. A real vote, a chance to decide (and possibly change) all of this. He offered, effectively, a far Right choice – Vote for this and we’ll make it better.

The vote was effectively:

a) ever closer ties with an institution that has imposed austerity on us


b) leave.

I’ve got to be honest, the mood in Sunderland lifted when the vote was announced. There was actual hope that there was a way out of this mess that had been forced on us to pay for mistakes the banks had made.

The mood immediately after the result was jubilant. There was optimism and hope that we were going to see an upturn in our fortunes. The politicians MUST see how much we are hurting and would protect and help us.

But both Left and Right turned on us. No-one had much interest in finding out WHY the vote went the way it did, only that we were wanting to leave, just that we were wrong.

I could go on all day about deeper more personal reasons, but it doesn’t matter to the end point.

The fact is that austerity continues, belts are so tight, we’re well out of extra notches, and the way out, Brexit probably isn’t going to happen.

The Left (well some of them) are still telling us we’re wrong. The Right don’t believe that austerity is harmful.

And along comes someone who listens to what’s been said, and promises change, a way out of the EU (cause of austerity) and what has to be better things.

We need to end this blame culture, stop arguing ‘finer points’ and technicalities, and start working together, before a truly charismatic leader comes along and offers a solution, any solution.

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